The REU Data System is designed to help students register for the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program and apply to Sites that are currently accepting a common application. Please read the following information carefully.

Registration (for Biology and Earth Sciences)

What does the registration involve?

The registration is the first step in the process of applying to REU Sites in biology and earth sciences. You will use the REU Data System to provide basic background information and receive an REU ID. This ID is needed to apply to each REU Site in biology and earth sciences. Note that Sites will not review applications that do not include the applicants’ REU IDs.

Who must register?

Students wishing to apply to Sites in biology or earth sciences must register through this website.

How do I register?

Register here. For more information, click on the “How to Apply” tab.

Common Application (for Engineering and Mathematics)

What is the common application?

The common application enables applicants to REU Sites in engineering and mathematics to complete their entire application online (for one or more REU Sites). After providing basic background information in the REU Data System, applicants will be asked to provide additional information and submit their application(s).

Who must apply through the common application system?

Students wishing to apply to participating REU Sites in engineering or mathematics must apply through this system.

How do I start my application?

Create an account here to start your application. For more information, click on the “How to Apply” tab.

How do I know which Sites are participating in the common application system?

Use the search tool below to find out which REU Sites are participating in the common application system. If you want to apply to a Site that is not listed here, you must apply directly to that Site by following its application procedures.

When do Site applications close?

Applications must be submitted before midnight Eastern Time on the last day of the application period listed by each Site.

List of REU Sites participating in the common application:

Site Name Institution State Country Discipline Program Start - End Application Period Application Window